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Bicycle Setup

I had to buy a new bike today and ended up have a long chat to the sale guy. When he realized that I was a Podiatrist (I lied), he really wanted to talk about proper bike set up to reduce injuries and increase performance. I never realized how complicated it was, though I probably should have given all the technicalities creeping into running form or technique. There is no reason to assume that cycling was even more technical. Added to that is all the footwear options in cycling and the problems that can go wrong of that is not right. Obviously podiatrists play a role with foot orthotics to manage those with cycling problems.


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I wish my friends with cracked heels would go away!

Yes I am almost a Podiatrist; yes Podiatrists treat cracked heels; no that does not mean socially when we catch up everything is about feet! Lets talk about things other than work for a change!

If you have cracked heels, you really need to work on it a lot yourself. Ongoing self care on a regular basis is the only way to deal with it.

See these resources for the best advice: ePodiatry; Dr the Foot; Running Injury Advice; Podiatry Experts and leave me alone! I do luv ya!

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Psoriasis and the Foot

Psoriasis is a very clinical diverse condition. In its many different forms it can affect almost every part of the body, though most of the people I have seen with it, the elbow seems to be the most common spot.

There is one form of psoriasis (palmoplantar psoriasis) that affect the palm of the hand and the sole of the foot. This can be particularly painful as you have to walk on the foot and its going to hurt. Steroidal cream and emollients are often needed to help control this. I am surprised at how many of those I have seen that are reaching out for alternative and natural therapies as well as use the traditional medical approaches.

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Running Cadence

I have been reading more and more about the concept of running cadence. There are many “experts” who claim that the best way to run is to have a cadence or steps per minute of 180. When I dig further into this, there is not a lot of scientific support of this and the more intelligent analyzes I have rad on this do not support it. There is probably a good consensus about increasing the cadence, but not consensus that 180 is ideal.

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Cluffy Wedge

The Cluffy Wedge is an extension or add on to the end of a foot orthotic that is used to treat functional hallux limitus (I just learnt about it today and thought I would share!)

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Richie Brace

Got to put on my first Richie Brace today. I was a case of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction that had gone beyond what a regular foot orthotic could help with. It was casted two weeks ago. The type of cast needed for a Richie Brace is a very deep one. Quite a substantial foot orthotic is made on the cast and then it had a ankle orthoses attached to it as well. See this video for more.

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Tis’ the season for chilblains

Its that time of the year with the weather being colder and cold related problems starting. One of the less severe but still painful and annoying are chilblains. We have been seeing a lot at my internship. These are usually small red itchy painful lesions that occur on the skin of the toes. They need to be given time to heal and prevented from happening again. From what I can tell most of the treatments for it is less than satisfactory, so prevention is the best way to go. A lot of online questions get asked on blogs and forum about chilblains. I did a search to see what people are doing, but no one seems happy with the treatment options.

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