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A case of trench foot!

I had heard of trench foot before but was under the impression that it was a problem of the past and was really common during war time when there was a lot of fighting in the damp and cold conditions of the trenches. We have a case today and it was not in a solider and they were not in the trenches! They worked in a factory that uses a lot of refrigeration for food products. they developed a trench foot, or a non-freezing cold injury from the conditions. they must have had microcirculation that was very sensitive to the changes in cold temperatures as a lot of people work in those sorts of conditions and do not develop the problem. It was minor and he will probably be over it quickly. The best for him is to change jobs. See more about trench foot on PodiaPaedia,


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Running on the Spot

Been seeing and hearing a little more on the so called 100 up running drill. You are supposed to run in place for 100 steps and raise the knee up high. It is supposed to help teach good running form. As no one has really agreed exactly what good, it not clear on how it exactly does that. All its going to do is teach you to run on th spot with high knee. Here is some videos on it and a pretty discussion about it.

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