Classification of the Accessory Navicular

The Geist classification divides the accessory navicular into three types:
Type 1 accessory navicular bone:
Commonly called as os tibiale externum; 30% o accesory navicualr; it is a 2-3mm sesamoid bone embedded within the distal portion of the tendon with no connection to the navicular tuberosity and may be separated from it by up to 5mm

Type 2 accessory navicular bone:
About ~55% of accessory navicular bones; triangular or heart-shaped; it is connected to the navicular tuberosity fibrocartilage or hyaline cartilage; may eventually fuse to the navicular tuberosity may take place

Type 3 accessory navicular bone:
Prominent navicular tuberosity; may have been a Type 2


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