The ‘Best Running Shoe’?

I get tired of that question. Yes I know a lot about feet, running and running shoes. That does not mean that I know what is the best running shoe. The reason for that is there is no such thing as the best running shoe. What works for one runner will not work for the next runner. There are over 100 different running shoe brands and each brand has a number of different models, so there are almost a 1000 different running shoes. The best one will be the one that suit the characteristics of the individual runner. Each runner is unique with different foot types (eg overpronation), running techniques and running experiences. Each running shoe model is unique. The challenge to get the best set of features in a running shoe that match the best set of characteristics – get the match right and you have eh best; get the match wrong and you have the worst. The problem is that it is not entirely clear how to work all this out and often it can be a matter of trial and error.


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